Sites that I frequent ...

   I love these sites, find out why!

HomeStar Runner - A very funny site with cute cartoons. Yay StrongBad!
Tampa Theatre RHPS - The biggest Rocky Horror Picture Show in the country, annually performed at historic Tampa Theatre
User Friendly - IT humor, but applies to any and all cube jockeys
NeenerNeener.Net - Hilarious site about Asheron's Call
Internet Movie DataBase - One of the best sites for movie tidbits out there
Rocky Horror Live - Interchangeable Parts, my (old) RHPS cast
Scott4711 - My friend Scott Mullins' website
The Brunching Shuttlecocks - Nothing is sacred when they decide to write about it
RavenBard - My friend Eric Bohner's website
Jannie4711 - My friend Jannie Gunnlaugsson's website!

   More sites to come ... as soon as I can remember where else I go!