The Privacy Policy

This is a private page. Any attempt to publicize this page will probably work, but we hope you will feel really bad about it. Like Jewish Mom guilt trip about not calling kind of bad. The kind that makes you want to beg her forgiveness for the 22 hours of labor she went through to bring you into this world, you ungrateful little bastard. And look at yourself, stealing code from someone you never even met. Did she raise you to be a thief? Did she?!

Oh, sorry, got off on a bit of a tangent there. Anyway ... I would appreciate you not reproducing any part of this website without the my permission. If you can get a note from your doctor or parent saying why you need my website, your chances are much better at getting my permission. However, huge monetary bribes are a sure fire way of getting the "OK" from me.

Thank you,
The Management

Maybe you had better go home.