The Motherboard Woes

About two weeks ago, my motherboard decided that it had quite enough of helping me out. It then took a wild dive into the oblivian of inoperative crap and there it has stayed ever since. Why did it do this to me? Is this someone's idea of getting me to think I need a tan?

At first I thought I could be strong. I thought I could handle being wildly ripped from the wonder-fantasy world of the internet and unceremoniously dumped into the real world. I thought that cold turkey quitting Asheron's Call would not affect my fragile psyche. I thought that waiting a couple weeks to replace my motherboard would be a piece of cake. I thought wrong!

I am now nearing the end of the second week, maybe even the third! In my amazing mania, I can't remember how long it has been since I crushed a virtual bunny. I am truly wondering if this shall ever end. As it is now, I am thinking that it will be yet another two to three weeks before I will have finances to purchase a new one.

I have been borrowing my mother's PC in the interim, hoping that it would help to quell my addiction, however this is like showing the movie Half-Baked to someone trying not to smoke pot. It is mildly annoying in that it is nowhere near as powerful as my PC was, and utterly maddening that I can still barely use it for what I would want to be doing.

I am hoping that soon, I will be prancing into my local PC component place, brandishing my old motherboard like a sword, calling out to the knaves behind the counter to bestow me a better weapon than the one in hand, promising to take away their pocket protectors if they deny me. If this doesn't happen, you will be able to find me rocking my hard drive to sleep, crooning to it, rocking back and forth on the floor, bathed in the blinking glow of my monitor, crying next to my tower.