I am the Red Titty Bandit!

I was sitting in the hotel room, wearing a bright red shirt and shorts combo. As it happens, I was also wearing a bright red bra. This was the after party of the Tampa Theatre performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. There was booze, there was food, there was hilarity abound. Little did I know that this night also held my destiny.

I have quite large breasts. At last check, they could spill over a 40DD. They are entities upon themselves, and they are usually the first thing anyone notices about me. I am not surprised or upset by this, after all, they do arrive in a room a full five minutes before the rest of me. They are especially popular at Rocky, where I wear lingerie most of the time. So they are all prettied up, prepared for the attention that they will inevitably receive.

The outfit I was wearing, combined with the booze and the sexual hilarity running amok in the room caused me to flash quite a few times. It was a large shirt that if I bent over, the neckline hung open and showed my red bra. My friend Andy, being in the room with me, (personally I think he was asked to stay in whatever room I was in to 'keep an eye on me'), then dubbed me the Red Titty Bandit.

I realized right away the responsibility that accompanied my title. I must defend those who needed defending! Those with breasts too small to justify wearing a bra! I would help all titties I could find!

I then promptly passed out in my hotel room, rather inebriated and quite tired. As consciousness slipped away, I vowed to live up to my title as soon as possible. This never happened.

I am still in a quandry as to how I can live up to my name. As it is, I have become more villian than hero, wickedly teasing with my breasts and slapping away adoring hands. Regardless of the color I am wearing at the time. My little game is oft accompanied by a seductive smile and an evil laugh when I see the obvious longing and hurt in their eyes when I do not allow them the priveledge of fawning over my wondrous breasts.

I am open to suggestions! If anyone can think of how I can use my powers for good instead of evil, please tell me!

The Red Titty Bandit

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