Donít Talk Down to Me Ö It Sickens Me

I think that the next time someone interrupts me, I may snap. I canít tell you how angry I am. You know, if two people start talking at the same time, that is one thing. However, if I am a good 6 words into a sentence and someone talks over me, that is just damn irritating. The worst part is that I stop, wait until they are done, try again, and they do it again! Get a hint people!

It has gotten to the point that when I am interrupted, I wait patiently until the inconsiderate clod has finished, and then start my entire sentence over in the same voice Ö like a recording. Earlier today, I had a customer interrupt me no less than 4 times. In the same sentence! So I started over four times. Finally the woman yells at me, ďWhy you keep repeatiní yoself?!Ē

My response? ďWell, you kept interrupting me, and I wanted to be sure that you heard what I needed to tell you.Ē Kinda ballsy for a phone jockey, huh? But, you know what? I am over pussyfooting. I have been holding my tongue for far too long in every aspect of my life. I am tired of pretending I am only here for you to use and abuse. Just because you work in an all-important (fill in the blank), doesnít mean you are better than I am. It is all relative.

You might work at High, Mighty, Betterínyou Law Partners, but you might only be a temp receptionist. I may work answering phones for Xerox, but I may be a manager. That I am not a manager isnít the point. The point is that you donít know who you are talking to, so treat them like a human being. Just because you donít know me and will probably never speak to me again doesnít mean that you have to treat me like crap.

I may be a disembodied voice, but many people cease to remember something. People treat me as though I am insignificant, meaningless in their life Ö but you are calling me requesting a service. You need me. I do not need you, I am here to provide a service to you. I didnít call you to ask how your copier is, I didnít disrupt your day to conduct a survey. You phoned me because you need assistance. Other than phone service or support, when would you ever get away with that? If you did that in a restaurant to your server, what are the chances that they would treat you better? Far less than getting your food spit on, I would think.

In the course of a normal day, how many times do you go out of your way to be mean and nasty to someone who is merely doing their job, without whom would make your day a lot harder. If I werenít manning my headset, who would help you get service on your precious copier? Despite popular belief, copping an attitude, being rude, talking down to people, doesnít improve the level of service you are going to get. It doesnít expedite your service, it wonít make anyone think you are obviously important and donít have time to waste on manners so should be excused because you are so indispensable to your company. It just makes me sad for everyone who has to see you daily face-to-face.

Grow up. All you are doing is showing that you still know how to throw a temper tantrum like a four-year-old. It doesnít impress me, it wonít make me do what you want any faster, it wonít improve the level of service I provide. Matter of fact, it will probably decrease it. When you make someone feel small, his or her feeling of self-worth and esteem goes down. How many people are at their best when they feel worthless? Not many I can tell you.

But by all means, if you want sub-standard service, please continue acting like a child Ö just donít be surprised when I ask the tech to change your diaper while he is there.