Welcome to the Wide World of Stupid

I work in a job where attention to details come second only to extreme attention to details. The reason for this is because I work with home loans. The place where the amount of paperwork you have to do is probably part of the reason the interest is so high. We have to buy the trees, you know!

Well, sometimes mistakes happen with the loan amount. I obviously can't give off too much details, but I'll try to give an idea of what I mean.

Let's say you want a loan for $100,000. We approve it, all the paperwork goes through, and we wire the money to the attorney's office. Then at the closing table, a few charges change for whatever reason. Well, if we over-paid you, we get that money back. Or if the appraiser was underpaid, the attorney has to send them a check out of the money we wired them. This may sound simple, but it turns out to be a big painfully complicated process.

The other day, I found a check that an attorney had sent us. This is nothing new. Sometimes the check is actually ours, but sometimes they accidentally send us a check that was supposed to go elsewhere. This was the case with the check I found the other day. The attorney had printed out the check and just stuck it in the envelope with the paperwork going to us by mistake. My problem is this ... it was a check meant for them!

I like to think that attorneys are attentive to details and intelligent. However when I saw that they had writ themselves a check and then shipped it off somewhere, I was quite stunned. I was speechless for about 2 minutes. Then I laughed ... for a long time. I am not quite sure how distracted I would need to be to give away a check made out to me.

I pointed this out to a number of my co-workers, thinking that I may be over-reacting to what I thought was an immensely stupid situation. I wasn't. Those I showed it to were just as flabbergasted as I was by this.

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