After much deliberation, Lisa joins the 20th Century

Yes, I realize that it is the 21st Century. However I am making the point that I am SO behind the times that I can't claim to be up to date yet. I started building this page after realizing that I am a person that spends roughly 75% of her waking time, if not more, on the internet, however didn't really have a spot of my own on the internet.

I got this site started to have a place to speak my mind as well as give my family and friends a way to see any news about me that might be important. If you actually choose to read everything I put on this site, you'll find that I am smart, articulate, witty and downright crazy. Many of my rants will prove this last bit, as I will be putting 'in writing' actual thoughts that flit through my head. These may include strong language, as I am wont to use occasionally, or big words that I think make me seem more interesting. One thing they will not be, is boring. Hard to follow, maybe.

However, please enjoy this site, for if you are reading it, I have obviously meant it for you ... and that is why I am here. For you.