Lisa the Primadonna?

Today is Halloween. There was no way I was going in to work as a total square by not dressing up. The problem was that I didn't have the funds to go out and purchase a new costume for this year. So I had to throw something together. I figured that I wanted to look sexy but goulish and so that is what I did.

I took a sexy little black dress that I had and strategically cut it up to show my bodacious bosom. Then I laced on a pair of killer boots, 6" heel with 1 1/2" platform. I really need to remember to bring those back to Jannie. That being done, I looked kinda punk rock, but not really. So I ratted up my hair a bit, put on whiteface, eyeliner, dark gray circles around my eyes, bright pink rouge and dark red lipstick. I also drew a line across my throat like I had been murdered. For being pseudo-dead, I think I looked pretty hot! The cleavage helped a lot, but my face looked really good.

I got to work, made it known that I would be participating in the costume contest and then went around showing my friends what I had thrown together. I got so many compliments on my legs that it was creepy! Men and women alike were complimenting how sexy I looked. This is odd for me, but even odder when people started telling me how pretty I looked. I have come to the conclusion that I must wear whiteface and bright colors like most women wear Cover Girl Natural Collection in order to be 'pretty'.


Midway through the day, one of the costume contest judges came by to take my picture. I am not a very photogenic person. I shy away from cameras like most people avoid stepping in doggie-poo. However, I bit my lip, rechecked my make-up, stood up, posed for the camera and then sat down. I was relieved to be done with it, but still I wanted a copy. Yes, I am a masochist. I emailed the guy with the camera to ask for a copy then rechecked my make-up. My hair had been up! I wanted my hair down for the picture! Hair up on me just doesn't look good in photos.

I emailed the guy again and asked him if I could please have a retake. I told him that I hadn't realized my hair was up in the picture. He said my picture looked fine, but I insisted that I simply did not do hair up pictures. He consented and came back to take another picture.

After he retook the picture and told me he would send me a copy, I sat back down and couldn't believe I had been so prissy about it. It was just a dumb work costume contest! I knew I wasn't going to win anyway, there were a lot of cool costumes being worn, and yet I was still so ... primadonna! Oh well. I just hope the picture comes out halfway decent ... When he sends me a copy, I'll post it for all of you to look at and laugh at.

Then again ... maybe it won't be too bad! Maybe my photo fear will be unjustified!

Yeah, right.

Edit: I have been sent the picture, you can view it here.