Tom doesn't even know this page exists, but this is all about him.

Update:Tom does in fact know about this page now! He has corrected me on one or two things, but other than that, he has no other information for you ... Deal with it.

For those of you who have ever wondered at all about Tom, I have put together this mini-FAQ for you to peruse.


Thomas Abraham Williamson

Birthday & Age

April 3, 1975 - 28

Family Variety

Male; 1 Child, Scott Alexander; currently living with my friend, Andy; Relationship status unknown.

Where I Work

Currently doing inhouse tech support for a large company filled with immensely un-intelligent people, but I am starting to get into radio work also.

What Turns Me On (Are you sure you want to know some of these things?!)

Reading - I love to read. My favorite writer being Raymond E Feist.
Gaming - I am an Asheron's Call and DnD addict. I am currently extending my addiction to include Shadowbane as well.
Movies - I love watching movies.
Cartoons - I am proud to say that I got Lisa addicted to DragonBall Z.
Pool - Yes, I am good, just ask anyone that I got to believe that I didn't know how to play.
Being Quiet - I love not saying anything, expecially in situations where I should be talking.

Favorite Movies

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Need I say more?

Miscellaneous Things That I Admire or Make Me, Me

Intelligent conversation
Saying, "Depends on how you look at it."
Saying, "I didn't realize that, thank you for bringing it to my attention."


What I Look Like

Eyes: Gold or Green or Brown depending on my mood.

Hair: Brown - Depending on whether I dye my hair.

Height: 6'6" Even.

Weight: Friggin' Huge! - Must be said in cheesy Scottish accent for full effect.


I follow many paths.

Vehicular Transportation

I own a 1991 Silver Saturn.

What's My Sign?

Aries - And it shows.

Where I Live

Clearwater, Fl.

Describe Me

Best thing said to me is, "TBA".

(Editor's Note : Ok, I was lazy and c&p my page to make Tom's, I haven't gotten to get this info from him yet, so you'll just have to read mine until I can get his up. Deal with it, I did.)