I am a fun-loving, silly/serious woman. There is nothing that can drag me down so far that I can't come back stronger than ever. I thrive on moderate chaos, but my best always comes out when I feel safe and loved.

For those of you who have ever wondered at all about me, I have put together this mini-FAQ for you to peruse. These questions and answers are about as random as my thought patterns, so they are in no order of importance.


Lisa Michelle Martin


July 2, 1977, 25 - Yes, I accept gifts from strangers!

Family Variety

Female, no children(yet), living with my mother and sister, relationship status unknown.

Where I Work

I am currently working, however due to a very stretched company policy I can not tell where.

What Turns Me On (Don't worry Mom, nothing like that, just interests)

Reading - I like suspense, romance, fantasy, horror ... my current favorite is the Harry Potter series
Writing - I write poetry, short stories, and trying to teach myself how to write a pleasant and informational website.
Movies - I am a movie fanatic, whether it be trivia that no one cares about, or quotes from movies no-one has seen.
Obsessing - I can't be interested in anything unless I am willing to find out everything about it, my current obsession is Jack the Ripper.
Surfing - Web surfing! Please, I am an overweight pasty-faced geek, you think I participate in sports?
Gaming - I am a full fledged addict of Asheron's Call, and trying to break into a dice RPG based on Star Wars.
Cartoons - My current favorite is Dragonball Z.
Pool - I really enjoy playing pool. I won't say I'm truly any good, but I have fun.
Hanging out - I really enjoy just hanging out with my friends and (trying) to be myself. The people I hang out with the most are Rome Eselin (one of my closest friends, but he is moving to Texas), Jannie and Scott (also among my closest friends), and Faith and Jamie (two close friends, also my Secret-Keepers).
Singing - I don't get much opportunity to do so, but I really enjoy singing, and I am actually not that bad at it either!

Favorite Movies

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Need I say more?
From Hell - Hey, I said it was an obsession!
8mm - Yeah, I know ... it was a perverse movie, I thought it was wonderful.
Dogma - A wonderful look at religion, interesting ideas, and some painful truths.
Hellraiser III : Hell on Earth - I don't care that no one else liked it, it had the most Pinhead, and he is yummy!
Kama Sutra : A Tale of Love - *sigh*
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Duh!
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Duh! again.

Miscellaneous Things That I Admire or Make Me, Me

Black Adder
Harsh humor
People who are graceful
Intelligent conversation
Dermal Stimulus - I am very tactile, there is nothing better than being touched
"Stupid Time" - Thanks Jannie!

What I Look Like

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown - Depending on whether I dye my hair.

Height: About 5'6".

Weight: What're you? Crazy?! Think I'm telling you that?!


I do not follow any specific path, however the closest name to what I am is Wiccan. This is changing at the moment because I am also very moved/interested/intrigued by Judaism and have begun attending a Messianic Temple.

Vehicular Transportation

I currently drive a '97 Ford Contour, gold in color

What's My Sign?

Cancer. I am sensitive, overly emotional, and have love for just about everyone I meet.

Where I Live

St. Petersburg, Florida

My Geek Code (ver. 3.12)

GPA/M/MU/O d- s:+>: a- C+++ U-- P L+ E? W++>+++ N o K- w+ O? M-- V? PS(+) PE Y(+) PGP- t* 5++ X+ R@>* tv+ b+ DI+ D? G+ e>++ h! r- x++(*)@
Cut and paste the code here for translation.

Describe Me

One of the best things I have heard about myself is, "You are so calming. I am usually very manic but when I am around you I am so determined to be focused on being with you that nothing else even matters to me. How do you do that?"