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The Weather in Hell
Latest News/Rants
No Rant Yet, But There Will Be
I haven't got a new rant yet, but my loyal fans will notice that I have changed a couple of things on my website. This is due to getting a Notice of Performance Review from my workplace. It informed me that telling people where I work is a violation of Company Policy. Trust me, there will be a rant about this, but don't worry, I'm not going to tell you where I work in it!

Wide World of Stupid
Ok, is this stupidity or is it just not paying attention? You be the judge.

This Workplace Declared B.Y.O.C.
What is B.Y.O.C. you ask? Simple ... Bring Your Own Chair.

Morty the Death's Head
Rant Archive
Lisa's thoughts. Not for the faint of heart!

Quote of the Day
May or may not be updated daily.

What D&D Char Am I?
Who am I deep down inside? Well, I'm not tellin', but you may get a hint by the outcome of this test I took.

A couple of my pages source code was found at Thank you OWSD!

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