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Binah Tiferet - Balls of Steel Dagger Gal

Kasha Varnishkas - Sweet as Pie Iron Chef

Bitom Hochma - Cowardly BattleMage

Meahevet Kasuma - OG Mage of Inexperience

Yuck - Hunka-Hunka Burnin' Staff Swinger
Latest News/Rants
All Hail the Drama Queen!
My actions in one game dictate my interactions in another. Odd? Yes. Well thought out? I disagree. I waited a while to post this, just because I wanted to think it over to be sure I wanted to make all this public ... I do.

Dead Link
Nothing here ... Absolutely nothing. You tried the link didn't you? Didn't you believe me?!

Live link
HA! Just kidding! ... Had you there for a second didn't I?
House of Windsor
The Asheron's Call Monarchy I am currently aligned with, head by the wonderful Dutchess of Windsor.

The Blurrians
My former monarchy, once led by Wren the Blurry.
An Asheron's Call humor/story website. Penned by the (not so) mighty Kwip and his partners in ... well, they don't suck.

Asheron's Call Rant Archive
All my old bitchings and moanings and sometimes humorous stories.